Tuesday, 8 May 2007

We had some exciting news from New Zealand today - following Miss K's birthday a teaching friend has given the class 3 Golfdish - you can read about them below -

" "Our Three New Fish"

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from all around the globe. Yes we do sing "Happy Birthday to You" with the same tune all around the world. I played the children from Wales singing me Happy Birthday in Welsh with the same tune and it was lovely. And the children of Moturoa classroom sung the song to me on Friday as well. We even have a tiny chime thing that we can take home to play if it is your birthday. For my birthday Raewyn (one of the teachers at Appleby) gave us three fish for the classroom to fill Jim's empty tank.We would like the children in Cefn Fforest School in Wales to name the silver coloured one.
And for the children in Mrs S's class in Binghamton School New York to name the gold coloured one. And we will name the other gold one with a black tip at the end of its tail.

Midnight arrived safely from New York today with much excitement. He was introduced to Mini-Dylan from Wales and will travel home with children once he has been shown around Appleby School a little more. We got straight in and started to reply to your letters. Thank you so much. We will post photos tomorrow.

Miss K and Moturoa Class"

As you can imagine we had a great time while sat on the carpet in front of an interactive whiteboard looking at the silvery fish deciding on a name - many were suggested but only one was chosen our fish will be known as 'SPARKY'. The name was a popular choice amongst the class. We can't wait to hear and see the exploits of SPARKY and his 2 friends ( it will be interesting to see what Binghamton School in New York and Moturoa Class decide to call their fish)... watch this space!


Moturoa said...

We thought Sparky was a good name. We are taking some time deciding on what our fish will be called. Brittany thought Bubbles would be good. But are yet to vote! We shall see!! We will let you know!!!!

Miss K

Appleby School


Moturoa said...

Cool about your Flat Stanley project.

Brightwater School has a Flat Stanley project going as well that you may like to look at. Brightwater School is about ten minutes drive from Appleby School.