Saturday, 12 May 2007

Marvellous Results from Bike Day

Well done to all Junior pupils who took part in the school Sponsored Cycle on 3rd and 4th May, we have totalled all of the laps completed by each year group :
Year 3 - 1097 laps
Year 4 - 1236 laps
Year 5 - 1574 laps
Year 6 - 1726 laps
With each year group having roughly 65 pupils, it shows that everyone put in a great deal of effort, the total number of laps was a staggering 5633 !!! ( each lap was measured at 300yds) Making a grand total of 950 miles travelled!!! ( Well Done everyone)
So far the total money collected towards our £2000 total ( to have the area around our garden rubberised) - is £1549 ( again excellent Well Done to all!!)
We still have money to collect but should reach our target easily which is excellent news.

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Moturoa said...

WOW- that is incredible. You must be fit as well.

Miss K

Appleby School

New Zealand