Friday, 25 May 2007

Our European Friends

Recently we posted onto the internet some of us playing some of our playground games. This was to show our friends in the Play to Learn group the type of games which we play in Wales.
Daniela has now posted some video podcasts of her children and their playground games.
The first video is called The Beautiful WasherWoman.
The second video is called We were playing football using a little pine-cone.

Daniela our teacher friend from Lazio in Italy is seen here on the left with Kylli from Estonia on the right.
We very much enjoy watching the work of our European Partners it is very intersting to see how some things about the way we play are the same while others are different. Mr Harrington would like Daniela to Teach us the words for The Beautiful WasherWoman once we return from our Half Term Break on Monday 4th June.

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Daniela&Kylli said...

Hi Paul,
I was very happy to read your article!!!!!!! and certainly
I'll try to write in English the words of that kind game.
Dear Paul, I was so sad on 23rd May!!!!Milan won the Champions League and that evening, while I was connecting on Skype to talk to you, my computer took a virus!!!!!
I used my PC yesterday evening and all it's ok.
Bye Paul and " Have a good free time".