Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Flat Stanleys Arrive

We are reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown in class for the next 2 weeks.
It is a great book ( the big book has wonderful illustrations by ? As part of the Reading Project Mr H has linked us with a school in Canada!!! ( more friends around the globe )
Our new friends are Glamorgan Junior Public School a northern suburb of Toronto Ontario, they have sent us their Flat Stanley's along with each Stanley has come a 3 day diary of what Stanley got up to when he was with the pupils. If you take a look at the alphabetical lists here you will see where and who Flat Stanley has met worldwide, he has certainly been a busy boy, travelling much further than his visit to California in his first book!!!

This is Flat Stanley at the summit of Mt Rainier

We are looking forward to taking our new found friends on some adventures while reporting back to the class in Canada on Stanley's progress.

While on the right we can see Stanley in London

Flat Stanley is seen below with Arnold Swartzeneger!!!!!

We wonder what Stanley will get up to in Wales! You will have to wait and see...

** The publishers of Flat Stanley are a company called Egmont, they are an ethical publishers and believe in looking after the environment as part of their way of operating. To check out how they operated ethically click here