Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi's visit with Josh

First me and cuddly kiwi helped my dad put up the trampoline. Then we played on my new trampoline my brother was good at bouncing on my trampoline.Then cuddly did a flip!!!

Cuddly Kiwi visits Will

When Cuddly kiwi visited my grandma's I held cuddly

and a Harris Hawk called nearly because she was nearly sold.

Me and kiwi had a go on the Spiderman p.s.1. game.

I fed the bird( he didn't eat Kiwi!!!

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Moturoa said...

Thank you Will. I put your photos and what you said on our blog to make sure that everyone gets to see your story.

A great effort.

Miss K

Appleby, NZ