Friday, 25 May 2007

Environment Day at CFP

Today Friday 25th May was Cefn Fforest Primary School's third Environment Day. Year 3 today spent the day doing 4 activities:
*Leaf Frame Making - Using leaves and twigs to make a picture or picture frame. ( Cuddly Kiwi is seen here amongst some of the completed frames)Mr Harrington hosted this activity.
* Minibeast Hunt - each class had a session with Mrs Prescott where they searched on our grass area for a range of minibeasts and identified them.
* Blogging - a new activity where each class went into the IT Suite with Mrs Prescott to blog abou the day and to comment on other people's blogs.
* Planting - each class headed outdoors again with Mr Harrington in order to plant up pots with Runner Bean seeds.
We have left our seeds in school hopefully to germinate over the holiday week, we will see what they look like on our return to school on Monday 4th June.

Thanks very much today go to Ellie who loves Environment Days as she is a brilliant gardner and helped everyone out with their planting today.

Thank You Ellie.

Another Farewell Today

We are sad going into the Half Term break as we are losing another member of our class. Will seen here much earlier in the year is changing schools to one much closer to home, meaning that he will be able to walk to school, which will be much easier for him. He and his infectious spirit when he gets excited about a topic will be much missed by Class 3H - good luck from all of us in Class 3H Will, keep on blogging.

Our European Friends

Recently we posted onto the internet some of us playing some of our playground games. This was to show our friends in the Play to Learn group the type of games which we play in Wales.
Daniela has now posted some video podcasts of her children and their playground games.
The first video is called The Beautiful WasherWoman.
The second video is called We were playing football using a little pine-cone.

Daniela our teacher friend from Lazio in Italy is seen here on the left with Kylli from Estonia on the right.
We very much enjoy watching the work of our European Partners it is very intersting to see how some things about the way we play are the same while others are different. Mr Harrington would like Daniela to Teach us the words for The Beautiful WasherWoman once we return from our Half Term Break on Monday 4th June.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Kiwi and Me

Cuddly Kiwi came home with me and me went on my trampoline cuddly kiwi dun a flip. then we went inside and watched tv.

by Rhys

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Flat Stanley the Hero

On Monday 21st May 2007 as part of our IT and Literacy work we will be producing our own newspaper articles on a part of the Flat Stanley story. We will be using this link.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Dino, Bella and Parents visit Cefn Fforest

Dino and his sister Bella made it to Cefn Fforest, very early this morning ( at around 8.20a.m.) They are in the UK on holiday before returning to via a break in Malta ( by the pool) back to New Zealand.

We had arranged with Miss K at Moturoa to have a live Skype class to class conversation at 8.30 am - ish UK ( 7.30pm NZ time)
It worked out really well from both sides (11,000 miles or so apart) - in New Zealand parents and pupils waited excitedly, while in Wales we waited excitedly for dino and Bella to arrive. The Skype chat lasted for about 30 minutes before we had to let our friends in New Zealand go to bed!! Miss King has podcast some of our discussion along with 2 other videolinks they have had this week here.

Dino and Bella then came into our assembly at 9.15 ( Dino took loads of photo's) and they told us something about New Zealand and the things that they get up to there - they both spoke very confidently to around 200 children ( a compliment to their teachers I am sure). Before finally heading off laden down with presents and cards from their friends in Wales.
We combined their visit with our celebration party for having 1,000 visits to our ClassBlogmeister Blog, so Bella and Dino got to have an early morning party as well - cool!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Hands Around the World

We recently sent 60 paper hands coloured by the children, with information about Cefn Fforest, Wales and a link to this blog to Imagiverse in California. Michelle Mock and her team at Imagiverse have now sent back to us an envelope crammed full of hands from around the world. This is a fantasticly simple idea which enables pupils to find out a little about other parts of the world.
We have a display of these hands now in the entrance to Lower School.
It shows the enormous range of ideas and creativity that children have in the variety of designs, sizes and amounts of information put on each hand. We received and hand form a School for The Deaf in New York which includes sign language as a means of communication.A hand from School for the Deaf in the USA

We had hands from India which are beautifully, carefully designed with delicate colours, and one which we really liked made by a 4 year old from Pittsburgh... thanks to Michelle and her team for their work in sending these out... we even had one of our own hands returned after its round trip to California ( it must really know how Flat Stanley felt after his journey).
The Big Hand from Newark New Jersey, USA

Me & kiwi

Me & kiwi had Giggs & Rooney printed on the back of man united top.We had food and my antie came over

to play whith my Baby Brother whith me we had lot of fun.

Hands Around the World

Today Wednesday 16th May our Hands Around the World arrived from our friends in California. We received paper hands from USA, Canada, Peurto Rico, India, Australia and of course... it had to happen.... we had one hand from Moturoa Class Appleby School in New Zealand -

It would be great to find out who in Miss King's Class designed and coloured this wonderful hand.
We look forward to finding out...

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi visits with Mathew

On Monday i had cuddly kiwi and we went down to visit my nan I had lots of fun!! Then i went home we had lots of fun we played cars and my dog he is a sausage dog and cuddly kiwi was sitting on my chair we was waching tv.

then my mum called us for our dinner cuddly kiwi had fish and i had eggs and toast and kiwi liked his drink was water and i had milk.

then we went to my bedroom we got my planes out then we played battle planes then it was time for bed.

by mathew

Monday, 14 May 2007

Late News on Dino's Visit

A late message on Monday evening from Miss King, that Dino and his sister Bella are hoping to visit school on Friday 18th May at 8.15am.
There will be a letter going home from school today Tuesday asking parents permission for us to come into school early in order to meet Dino and Bella on Friday.

A Message from Elliott's Blog ( a pupil from Moturoa Class NZ)

Elliott is a pupil in Miss K's Class in New Zealand who is running his own blog from home, he posted this article over the weekend to show how in the Southern Hemisphere of the World they are just going from Summer into Autumn

"Out side our porch we have a tree that is normally green and know it is a mixture of colors and looks great we had a lot of fun at school yesterday because they have lots of trees and all of the leaves have fallen and I gathered them all up into one pile and the little kids played in them and had lots of fun and a thanks to mrs p and mr h in wales and all the other people leaving comment on my blog

By Elliott"

Elliott's classmate Oscar also runs a blog - Oscarsblog(Noodles) - a cool name for a blog- his most recent post was about finding a hedgehog in his garden (I am sure that they would love to have some comments on their blogs from us here in Wales) :

"Cool a hedgehog that i found on our lawn and it was a small one. We need to give him a name,any ideas?


The Great Fish Naming!!

Anyone who has been reading our blog/or Moturoa's Blog ( New Zealand) will be aware that Moturoa's partner schools Binghamton in New York and ourselves here in Wales have been asked to name a fish ( the fish were a present to the class from another teacher).

We here in Wales were asked to name the silvery coloured fish, our friends in New York named the true gold fish, while Moturoa named the gold fish with the black mark on its tail. In each school there was a 'name choosing vote' the result being that each fish now has a name selected by the pupils from that country - we think that this is pretty cool and look forward to hearing about how 'Sparky' and his friends get on over the next few weeks - perhaps a webcam (or fishcam) would help us keep track of the fish.... who knows? The following entry is taken from the Moturoa Blog today :

All Our Fish Have Names

I bought some toys for our fish and a new fish tank. The aquarium we had was rather old and all scratched. Now our overseas friends have named two of them we need to think of a name for our one. We had a vote at school today and four names seemed good- Bubbles, Lightning, Tiger and Goldy were popular but Lightning won the day!

So our fish are called Sunny, Sparky and Lightning! Thanks guys!

News thanks to, Miss K and the pupils from Moturoa Class, Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand.

Cuddly Kiwi and Me

me and cuddly kiwi on the weekend when we got home we went to wach tv then it stoped raining we went on my tranplen then we went play on cooking mama then i went over my dad then i went home to bed.

by charlotte

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Flat Stanleys Ready for their Journey to Canada

** A Parade of Flat Stanleys**

We spent Thursday afternoon colouring, cutting and sticking our Flat Stanleys.
Once they had been completed we all took them home with a Diary. We are going to write about the things that Flat Stanley got up to with us over the weekend.

Our Stanleys will then be leaving for our friends at Glamorgan JP School in Toronto. The plan is for Stanley to get into his envelope early next week and set off on his AirMail journey. We looked at where Stanley was going using Google Earth in Mrs Rees's class last week .

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Marvellous Results from Bike Day

Well done to all Junior pupils who took part in the school Sponsored Cycle on 3rd and 4th May, we have totalled all of the laps completed by each year group :
Year 3 - 1097 laps
Year 4 - 1236 laps
Year 5 - 1574 laps
Year 6 - 1726 laps
With each year group having roughly 65 pupils, it shows that everyone put in a great deal of effort, the total number of laps was a staggering 5633 !!! ( each lap was measured at 300yds) Making a grand total of 950 miles travelled!!! ( Well Done everyone)
So far the total money collected towards our £2000 total ( to have the area around our garden rubberised) - is £1549 ( again excellent Well Done to all!!)
We still have money to collect but should reach our target easily which is excellent news.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi and Crystal

Cuddly Kiwi at my house
This is a picture of Cudly Kiwi with Baby Benjamin on my mother's bed. They are lying comfortably on her pillo.They like sitting by each other and you are lucky you are not seeing them kiss...!!!!!
by Crystal

Thursday, 10 May 2007

We made a Spinner today during wet play

We made a spinner to day and this is wot it looks like.
We had great fun making it and playing with it in the corridor
by Ellie and Ethan

Bike Day

On bike day we had lots of fun.We went on our bikes around the school and Ben done 37 laps and Luke done 30 laps and my 2 best freinds Ben & Ewan were in the final for bike day.In the final it was 5 cones then there was big block of tiers and it was anouther block of tiers then they went in to a cage it was anouther block of tiers again and we had to stop and go as fast as you can a cross the finish line and Ben came second.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi's visit with Josh

First me and cuddly kiwi helped my dad put up the trampoline. Then we played on my new trampoline my brother was good at bouncing on my trampoline.Then cuddly did a flip!!!

Cuddly Kiwi visits Will

When Cuddly kiwi visited my grandma's I held cuddly

and a Harris Hawk called nearly because she was nearly sold.

Me and kiwi had a go on the Spiderman p.s.1. game.

I fed the bird( he didn't eat Kiwi!!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Interesting Facts about Glamorgan JP School,Toronto,Canada.

This information comes from Glamorgan Junior Public School's website and is about the school's opening ceremony in 1974...

School Opening

Although the school had been functioning since September of 1972, Glamorgan Junior Public School was was officially opened on February 28, 1974. There were so many school openings in Scarborough at this time that Glamorgan's opening was delayed for two years. The school was officially opened by Scarborough Ward 5 Trustee David Owen. Guests at the opening ceremony included; School Board Chairman Gerry Phillips, Ontario Education Minister Tom Wells, and Scarborough East MP Reg Stackhouse. The guest speaker was David Glee, a professor at the Ontario College of Education. Glee, a Welshman, delivered an address on his native country. The school had about 190 children in 1974. For opening day celebrations the children dressed in Welsh costumes, planted daffodils and received lessons on Wales.
The name Glamorgan comes from a county in Wales. It is not known who decided on the school name, but in 1952 Glamorgan Avenue was already planned for a street name on the area developer's map. Upon opening Glamorgan was "twinned" with a Glamorgan County school called Tondu Junior Mixed School.

Flat Stanleys Arrive

We are reading Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown in class for the next 2 weeks.
It is a great book ( the big book has wonderful illustrations by ? As part of the Reading Project Mr H has linked us with a school in Canada!!! ( more friends around the globe )
Our new friends are Glamorgan Junior Public School a northern suburb of Toronto Ontario, they have sent us their Flat Stanley's along with each Stanley has come a 3 day diary of what Stanley got up to when he was with the pupils. If you take a look at the alphabetical lists here you will see where and who Flat Stanley has met worldwide, he has certainly been a busy boy, travelling much further than his visit to California in his first book!!!

This is Flat Stanley at the summit of Mt Rainier

We are looking forward to taking our new found friends on some adventures while reporting back to the class in Canada on Stanley's progress.

While on the right we can see Stanley in London

Flat Stanley is seen below with Arnold Swartzeneger!!!!!

We wonder what Stanley will get up to in Wales! You will have to wait and see...

** The publishers of Flat Stanley are a company called Egmont, they are an ethical publishers and believe in looking after the environment as part of their way of operating. To check out how they operated ethically click here

We had some exciting news from New Zealand today - following Miss K's birthday a teaching friend has given the class 3 Golfdish - you can read about them below -

" "Our Three New Fish"

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from all around the globe. Yes we do sing "Happy Birthday to You" with the same tune all around the world. I played the children from Wales singing me Happy Birthday in Welsh with the same tune and it was lovely. And the children of Moturoa classroom sung the song to me on Friday as well. We even have a tiny chime thing that we can take home to play if it is your birthday. For my birthday Raewyn (one of the teachers at Appleby) gave us three fish for the classroom to fill Jim's empty tank.We would like the children in Cefn Fforest School in Wales to name the silver coloured one.
And for the children in Mrs S's class in Binghamton School New York to name the gold coloured one. And we will name the other gold one with a black tip at the end of its tail.

Midnight arrived safely from New York today with much excitement. He was introduced to Mini-Dylan from Wales and will travel home with children once he has been shown around Appleby School a little more. We got straight in and started to reply to your letters. Thank you so much. We will post photos tomorrow.

Miss K and Moturoa Class"

As you can imagine we had a great time while sat on the carpet in front of an interactive whiteboard looking at the silvery fish deciding on a name - many were suggested but only one was chosen our fish will be known as 'SPARKY'. The name was a popular choice amongst the class. We can't wait to hear and see the exploits of SPARKY and his 2 friends ( it will be interesting to see what Binghamton School in New York and Moturoa Class decide to call their fish)... watch this space!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi enjoys Bike day at Cefn Fforest

The Malteser Boys!!!!!

On Thursday we had a bike day to raise money for the garden and to have some fun. It was really fun and at the end of the day we had a final.

This is Ben and Ewan reporting : we were in the final of the year 3 we both came equal second & we won maltesers & WE ARE NOT SHARING THEM : )

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi visits Luke

Cuddly Kiwi

First kiwi came to my house.

He went on my bike first it

was very fun.

by Luke

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Cuddly Kiwi goes to the Baths

Yesterday I took cuddly kiwi to Newbridge Swimming Baths.I took 2 photos of him in the lockers,and a photo of him in the car it was my dads car. I really enjoyed looking at the photos.
by Chloe