Sunday, 13 May 2007

Flat Stanleys Ready for their Journey to Canada

** A Parade of Flat Stanleys**

We spent Thursday afternoon colouring, cutting and sticking our Flat Stanleys.
Once they had been completed we all took them home with a Diary. We are going to write about the things that Flat Stanley got up to with us over the weekend.

Our Stanleys will then be leaving for our friends at Glamorgan JP School in Toronto. The plan is for Stanley to get into his envelope early next week and set off on his AirMail journey. We looked at where Stanley was going using Google Earth in Mrs Rees's class last week .

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Moturoa said...

The Flat Stanleys look like they're all dancing in a chorus line. Good luck with the project.

Miss K

Appleby School