Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Hands Around the World

We recently sent 60 paper hands coloured by the children, with information about Cefn Fforest, Wales and a link to this blog to Imagiverse in California. Michelle Mock and her team at Imagiverse have now sent back to us an envelope crammed full of hands from around the world. This is a fantasticly simple idea which enables pupils to find out a little about other parts of the world.
We have a display of these hands now in the entrance to Lower School.
It shows the enormous range of ideas and creativity that children have in the variety of designs, sizes and amounts of information put on each hand. We received and hand form a School for The Deaf in New York which includes sign language as a means of communication.A hand from School for the Deaf in the USA

We had hands from India which are beautifully, carefully designed with delicate colours, and one which we really liked made by a 4 year old from Pittsburgh... thanks to Michelle and her team for their work in sending these out... we even had one of our own hands returned after its round trip to California ( it must really know how Flat Stanley felt after his journey).
The Big Hand from Newark New Jersey, USA

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Chelle said...

Greetings from Imagiverse.ORG in California!

What a beautiful display of hands! Allanah from New Zealand sent me (in California, USA) the link. It IS a small world! :-)

Thank you for participating! The project was a success due to dedicated teachers like you! Our team at Imagiverse.ORG plans to coordinate this again in the Fall. I invite everyone reading this blog to visit our home page (and please sign up for our Lighting the Spark newsletter) to learn more.

Michelle Mock
Imagiverse Educational Consortium