Monday, 14 May 2007

A Message from Elliott's Blog ( a pupil from Moturoa Class NZ)

Elliott is a pupil in Miss K's Class in New Zealand who is running his own blog from home, he posted this article over the weekend to show how in the Southern Hemisphere of the World they are just going from Summer into Autumn

"Out side our porch we have a tree that is normally green and know it is a mixture of colors and looks great we had a lot of fun at school yesterday because they have lots of trees and all of the leaves have fallen and I gathered them all up into one pile and the little kids played in them and had lots of fun and a thanks to mrs p and mr h in wales and all the other people leaving comment on my blog

By Elliott"

Elliott's classmate Oscar also runs a blog - Oscarsblog(Noodles) - a cool name for a blog- his most recent post was about finding a hedgehog in his garden (I am sure that they would love to have some comments on their blogs from us here in Wales) :

"Cool a hedgehog that i found on our lawn and it was a small one. We need to give him a name,any ideas?


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