Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Interesting Facts about Glamorgan JP School,Toronto,Canada.

This information comes from Glamorgan Junior Public School's website and is about the school's opening ceremony in 1974...

School Opening

Although the school had been functioning since September of 1972, Glamorgan Junior Public School was was officially opened on February 28, 1974. There were so many school openings in Scarborough at this time that Glamorgan's opening was delayed for two years. The school was officially opened by Scarborough Ward 5 Trustee David Owen. Guests at the opening ceremony included; School Board Chairman Gerry Phillips, Ontario Education Minister Tom Wells, and Scarborough East MP Reg Stackhouse. The guest speaker was David Glee, a professor at the Ontario College of Education. Glee, a Welshman, delivered an address on his native country. The school had about 190 children in 1974. For opening day celebrations the children dressed in Welsh costumes, planted daffodils and received lessons on Wales.
The name Glamorgan comes from a county in Wales. It is not known who decided on the school name, but in 1952 Glamorgan Avenue was already planned for a street name on the area developer's map. Upon opening Glamorgan was "twinned" with a Glamorgan County school called Tondu Junior Mixed School.

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