Friday, 25 May 2007

Environment Day at CFP

Today Friday 25th May was Cefn Fforest Primary School's third Environment Day. Year 3 today spent the day doing 4 activities:
*Leaf Frame Making - Using leaves and twigs to make a picture or picture frame. ( Cuddly Kiwi is seen here amongst some of the completed frames)Mr Harrington hosted this activity.
* Minibeast Hunt - each class had a session with Mrs Prescott where they searched on our grass area for a range of minibeasts and identified them.
* Blogging - a new activity where each class went into the IT Suite with Mrs Prescott to blog abou the day and to comment on other people's blogs.
* Planting - each class headed outdoors again with Mr Harrington in order to plant up pots with Runner Bean seeds.
We have left our seeds in school hopefully to germinate over the holiday week, we will see what they look like on our return to school on Monday 4th June.

Thanks very much today go to Ellie who loves Environment Days as she is a brilliant gardner and helped everyone out with their planting today.

Thank You Ellie.


Moturoa said...

What an excellent idea to have an environment day. I LOVE runner beans. Our baby swan plants to feed the monarch butterflies in spring are coming along nicely. We water them every day to keep them from drying out.

Miss K

Appleby school


Richmond Primary School said...

Hi Class 3H, this is Mrs. Baldwin from Richmond Primary NZ. You are making me feel very homesick when I see your blog from sunny Wales!!! My home is in Brecon but I'm teaching in NZ for a whole year.

The Miles's said...

Hi everyone. It is great to see another kiwi in Wales!!!! I am a friend of Miss K and am teaching in Brecon while Mrs Baldwin is in New Zealand. We have got a kiwi called Ka Pai who is traveling around with me and the children in my class. His blogsite is We have a book that we write things in too. From Mrs Miles

The Miles's said...

Hi everyone...great to see another kiwi in Wales!!! I am teaching in Brecon whilst Mrs Baldwin is in New Zealand. I am a friend of Miss K. We have a kiwi clled Ka Pai who travels places with me or the children in my class. His blog is Mrs Miles