Monday, 14 May 2007

The Great Fish Naming!!

Anyone who has been reading our blog/or Moturoa's Blog ( New Zealand) will be aware that Moturoa's partner schools Binghamton in New York and ourselves here in Wales have been asked to name a fish ( the fish were a present to the class from another teacher).

We here in Wales were asked to name the silvery coloured fish, our friends in New York named the true gold fish, while Moturoa named the gold fish with the black mark on its tail. In each school there was a 'name choosing vote' the result being that each fish now has a name selected by the pupils from that country - we think that this is pretty cool and look forward to hearing about how 'Sparky' and his friends get on over the next few weeks - perhaps a webcam (or fishcam) would help us keep track of the fish.... who knows? The following entry is taken from the Moturoa Blog today :

All Our Fish Have Names

I bought some toys for our fish and a new fish tank. The aquarium we had was rather old and all scratched. Now our overseas friends have named two of them we need to think of a name for our one. We had a vote at school today and four names seemed good- Bubbles, Lightning, Tiger and Goldy were popular but Lightning won the day!

So our fish are called Sunny, Sparky and Lightning! Thanks guys!

News thanks to, Miss K and the pupils from Moturoa Class, Appleby School, Nelson, New Zealand.

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