Saturday, 16 June 2007

Year 3 Pirate Day

On Friday 15th June we had our 'Pirate Day', we dressed up ( never have so many Jack Sparrow's been seen in one place at the same time!!!) and took part in pirate activities.
We had a Treasure 'Island ' `Hunt, tried out our new Pirate Ship, filmed our versions of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the afternoon we had a Pirate Feast, gave out prizes for our Pirate Ship design competition and watched a short video.... wow what a brilliant day!

Thank you to all parents who helped with costumes and also to those who sent in food for our feast.


Moturoa said...

You have a real pirate ship. How cool is that!

Miss K

Nelson, NZ

Mr Harrington said...

Yes - It's new great isn't it - we saw it for the first time on Friday.