Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Safe Internet Site from Miss K at Appleby School

The Post below comes from the Moturoa Blog and is a very timely reminder as we head towards the summer break, of one way to ensure that we stay within a safe area on the internet - parents this would be a good site to take a look at - thanks Miss K for finding this site...

A Safe Idea from Miss K

A number of children and their families have been keen to make a blog for themselves and this is really great.

We have been talking quite a bit about cyber safety while we are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe. I would like to recommend Firefox as a way to browse the internet. It is the browser we use at school and you can use it on a PC or an Apple equally well. It is a 17MB free download and after you do you can automatically import all your old bookmarks/favourites and passwords. Firefox has a number of really useful extras that make viewing the internet better.

One of these is Glubble.

Glubble puts the web in the hands of families.

  • Glubble Trusted Surfing for children under 12 years of age enables families to be sure they only see the best of the web they choose to allow.
  • Glubble Altered Search makes Google and Yahoo show results from childrens' trusted Glubbleworld instead of the world wide web.
  • Child friendly look and feel with interfaces for pre-reading and children with younger reading ages.
You can find both of these excellent tools by clicking on the photo above. If you would like some help with downloading these safe tools please call in to school one morning and we can show you.

Certainly something to think about...

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