Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A new start for Year 4 in 2008

As of this Friday (21st December 2007) Mr Harrington will be leaving Cefn Fforest Primary School, after 19 years at the school this will obviously be a big change, not one taken lightly.

Mr H would like to thank all his current class of Year 4 pupils for their willingness to go on the online journey this year with him, and he is sure that you will continue this with your new teacher in January 2008.

This blog will be kept live for a few months, as Mr H is interested in knowing how those embarked on the Myst3 Exile game are getting on - Mr H will post when he completes the game also...... always remember the most important part of any school is not the building, the teachers or, the pupils .................... but the school as a whole community working for each other....................keep blogging.

Mr H signing off. ( for now!)

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Bob Greenberg said...

Mr. Harrington,

Please ask the new teacher to add my class to your list of friends. My class is now linked to classes in Russia, United Kingdom, Lebanon, and the USA. We would like to collaborate with New Zealand as well. I've already added a link to Class 4H Cefn Fforest to my class blog page. Best Wishes in your future endeavors.

Mr. Greenberg
Columbus School
Bridgeport, CT USA