Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Who in the World is looking at us in Cefn Fforest?

The above map depicts: 1,355 visits from 28 Apr 2007 to 18 Nov 2007
This map is normally updated daily (latest: 2007-11-18 07:33:17 GMT)

Sadly in school due to Caerphilly CBC's blocking we cannot see where our blog visitors come from as our ClustrMap is unavailable to us. However this is our most recent map. showing not only that we have had 1,355 visitors since we started on 28th April 2007, but more importantly showing the spread of visitors from around the globe to our small classroom here in the South Wales valleys.
To anyone sceptical about the use of blogging just consider the worldwide 'real audience' that we have for the news and views that we post from our classroom - now that is truly mind blowing.... we hope that Cefn Fforest Primary School will keep on blogging and podcasting in the New Year, after all we do have people out there who follow what we are doing :-)

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Moturoa said...

We are that big dot at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

We'll still be looking out for you!

That is a great number of visits.

Miss K

Appleby School


New Zealand