Friday, 7 December 2007

Myst III The mystery continues.....

In Class 4H we have had a double helping of Myst 3 Exile this week. Due to some additional time in the curriculum as we head towards Christmas, we squeezed in 2 Myst sessions this week.
We agreed many of our moves collaboratively as we explored the world called J'nanin. Above you can see the book that we found inside the tusk which we had to roll the barrel into. The book is called AMATERIA ( it has a distinctive bird design on the cover) we had to work out the combination for a lock first, in order to allow the book to come down for us to look at it.Above you can see a view of the Amateria landscape, it is quite different from the bleak island of J'nanin... several pupils thought it appears have a Chinese feel with many red wooden structures connected by gangways and paths.
We explored Amateria for as long as we could today ..... we were distracted from our set task today, to find out if the tusk with the light gather in front of it contains a book also!Mr Harrington has been doing his own research on this particular tusk - above you can see the tusk door with the coloured lights shining on it. On the door are 5 buttons they have to be pressed in the correct order and you may get inside, if you are lucky!
The order of the buttons is the order in which the lights link is shown below-
Take a look at the book inside and visit a new island (or age!).... good luck and we will meet to discuss how you get on on Monday.

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Moturoa said...

It has been a great learning journey over the last couple of years.

Thanks for taking us along with you.

Miss K and the children of Mouturoa classroom.

Appleby School


New Zealand