Sunday, 21 October 2007

Compliments make you happy :)

As part of our 'PATHS' PSHE sessions in school this year we are giving each other compliments. This works by every pupils name being written on a piece of paper - one is selected towards the end of the day - we sit on our carpet at around 3.20pm, and come up with personal compliments for the chosen person ( of course we will all be chosen ..... eventually).The compliments are written very quickly by Mr H onto 'Post-It' Notes which are usually stuck onto the recipient at home time.... I guess some parents think it a bit odd, however we love it and will certainly miss the opportunity to praise each other when we are all complete ( unless Mr H can come up with another ingenious way to enable us to give each other compliments)

" The compliments make me feel really happy, it is nice to have friends"

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