Friday, 30 November 2007


We are at present in the middle of an investigation of Myst III The Exile. Over the past 4 weeks we have been using the strange world of Myst's parallel times to help with our creative writing and also our exploration skills.
We have been into the 'tusk' you can see above - going up in the lift to the room at the top , after re-arranging the lift controls.
We saw again the person who stole 'RELEESHAHN' in this room before he teleported again. He told us strangely that he had reset the 3 symbols needed to take us further.Mr H has had a Myst evening (Friday) and has the following information for the pupils who have been so keen that they have gone out and bought their own copies of the software ( at between £3 and £5 excellent value).

* Go back up into the room at the top of the tusk - each of the 3 lights when you approach will allow you to focus on a tusk and fit a symbol into the panel each tusk door (1 for each of the 3)
* Outside focus each of the colour topped lenses - now go back to the point near the shore where you turn the control until the sunlight is focussed onto the sender unit - When yo go to the tusk door with the focus device in front of it now it should be coloured by a rainbow of light from each of the lenses.

That's all for now.... more later.....

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