Friday, 27 April 2007

Farewell to Georgia!!!

Class 3H would like to wish Georgia good luck in her new school. Georgia has been with Cefn Fforest Primary since the nursery and has built up a wide number of friends in the school. However Georgia actually lives very close to her new school ( she can walk to school ) - whereas she has to travel by car to get to to Cefn Fforest, so it makes sense for her to move to the closer school.

Georgia plans to keep in touch with all of her friends in Cefn Fforest as well as Georgia at Appleby School, via her blogmeister page which she will still be able to use.

All of the class wish her good wishes - we will miss you Georgia :)

Cuddly Kiwi has had an interesting day today when he went home for lunch with Charlotte - he had waffles for his lunch ...

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Moturoa said...

I just found your blog. Well done class 3H. I haven't seen Cuddly Kiwi lately so it is good to know that you are feeding him well.

I have a Georgie and a Georgina in my class. It is a great name. You will miss Georgie but it is good that she can still keep in touch through your blog.

Miss K

Appleby School